All-State Audition




Each Fall, the Atlanta Horn Clinic offers an All-State Audition Preparation Workshop which is designed to help horn students prepare for the GMEA All-State and Honor Band auditions. Topics covered will include sight-reading tips, scale technique, etude coaching, and successful audition mentality. All middle and high school horn students are welcome to attend. Clinicians will be Anna Dodd and Jason Eklund, Horn faculty at Kennesaw State University. Special guest speaker will be Dr. David Kehler, Director of Bands at KSU. There is no charge for this workshop.

Fall 2016 workshop date and location:

Sunday, November 20th, 4:00-7:00pm

Kennesaw State University School of Music

Bailey Performance Center

488 Prillaman Way

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Map of KSU Arts District. Park in Lot E.

CLICK HERE to register for the 2016 All-State Prep Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is the schedule for the workshop?

3:30-4:00pm Check-in


   Middle School Session One - Etude Masterclass with Anna Dodd

   High School Session One - Scales and Sight Reading with Jason Eklund

5:20-5:40 Special Guest speaker - Dr. David Kehler


   Middle School Session Two - Scales and Sight Reading with Jason Eklund

   High School Session Two - Etude Masterclass with Anna Dodd

   What is the fee for the All-State Prep Workshop?

This year’s workshop is FREE for all middle and high school horn players! Thank you to Kennesaw State University for providing this resource to our community!

   Even though there is no fee to attend, do I need to register in advance?

Yes, advance registration helps us to know how many horn players to set up for, plus the registration provides us with the emergency contact information that we like to have once parents drop off their students. A link to registration can be found directly above the frequently asked questions. However, if you are finding out about this workshop last minute, it is perfectly fine to register at the check-in table.

   What do I need to bring?

Come with your horn in working order and a copy of your grade level’s Scale Sheet and Etudes, which can be found HERE.

   Do my scales and etudes need to be fully prepared before the workshop?

This is not a prerequisite to attend the workshop, as some students do use this clinic as a “boot camp” to kickstart their audition preparation. However, in order to ensure success at the audition, we recommend beginning your preparation far in advance. The more prepared you are on your scales and etude at the time of the All-State Prep Workshop, the more you are likely to gain from the experience.

   Will I need to perform  my scales or etude in front of other students?

Again, this is not required, but recommended.  A large component of audition-taking is the ability to perform under a certain amount of perceived pressure. The more you perform under new or challenging conditions, the more comfortable you will be playing up to your potential at the audition. The environment of all Atlanta Horn Clinic events is low-pressure and casual, so there is nothing to be afraid of!

   I have a friend or sibling who plays a different instrument. May they come?

Yes, all middle and high school instrumentalists are welcome to audit the workshop. Much of the information covered will be specific to horn players, but certain elements (such as sight-reading tips, scale practice techniques, and general mental preparation) will be applicable to all instrumentalists. However, only horn players will be performing the in the masterclasses.

   May parents, band directors, or private teachers audit the workshop?

Yes, all are welcome to audit.

  We have a conflict for part of the workshop. Can I come late or leave early?

Yes, if you are not able to attend the full workshop, you can still benefit from coming to just the first or second session. Please let us know in advance if you need to arrive late, or inform us at the check-in table if you need to leave early.

Email Anna Dodd at with additional questions!